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Entre-Missions: The Call to start

This eBook will be available on August 1st, 2016. You can preorder here. The eBook will cover why we should start business, how we can start businesses, and case studies to make you a sharper Entre-Missionary, and keep you from making stupid mistakes. Written by: Casey Burnett, founder of Entre-Missions and owner of Cup of Hope Coffee.

EnTRE-Missions: Startup Incubators

What is the entrepreneurs worst enemy? Isolation. These workshops help you go from mere idea to solid plan of action. Structured around small groups, the Startup Incubator workshop strengthens the Entre-Missionary to move to the next step.

Future Dates will be announced soon.



Entre-Missions: Freemiums

We will put out lots of free resources for you to better yourself, improve your profits, and lower your risk.

  • Mission Trip? 5 Ways to Raise Funds Fast - Raise the money you need for your next short-term trip. - COMING SOON
  • Top 10 Missionary Focus Countries, and How to Start a Business there, This will be a 10-part series. -COMING SOON
  • Interviews - We talk to real, live missionaries who support themselves through business.

You too can do this. We are cheering you on. Let us know if there is any particular subject you would like to cover. Send you message here.

Entre-Missions: PodCast

This will be happening soon! Stay tuned for details.