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Entre-Missions exists to train the next generation of missionary: The Entrepreneur. 


Our Mission

Entre-Missions exists to educate and equip any Christian believer who wants to fulfill the Great Commission, and has the need for funding. Whether within the US or overseas, we are here to serve those who serve Christ.

God has called all types of people to the Ends of the Earth to fulfill the Great Commission, including Entrepreneurs.
— Casey Burnett, Founder, Entre-Missions

Examples of Entre-Missions

  • Local pastors in the Philippines manufacture the Bio-Sand Filters for the Local Government, providing clean water for local villagers, income for each other, and gaining access to the community.
  • A Bakery started in the Himalayas to provide income for local pastors. The pastors travel each weekend into remote areas to spread the Word.
  • A former IMB missionary starts an agricultural trading company in the Philippines, offering micro-loans to pastors to facilitate coffee and gold acquisitions. 
  • A local Christian in Guatemala starts a business selling bracelets to support a children's home, and lands a deal with Wal-Mart. 
  • An investment group in the US develops a brand of coffee from Haiti to benefit their local network of Children's Homes. 
  • A local tire shop owner in Spartanburg goes on a short-term mission trip to Nicaragua. He eventually starts the largest and best run children home in the country with over 900 volunteers a year.