Entre-Missions blog is now up!

Finishing up on a large water development project in the Yunnan Province, 2007. This village was where my first vision of Entre-Missions started for me: Cup of Hope Coffee.


Hey Everyone, 

I am glad you are here. This week has been crazy for my wife and I, but being in the hospital has been a needed break (not so much for my wife). My second daughter, Aura Lee, was born earlier this week and is still in the Neonatal ICU. She is doing fine, she was just a few days early, but still a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz! It looks like we'll get to take her home tomorrow. She is a chunk!

So, where did the vision for Entre-Missions come from? I saw the problem of missionaries coming home. You can read about it here. Why are they coming home? Because there is not enough funding. Back in the day, there was plenty of money from people tithing, but not enough harvesters. Now, it is the opposite. Everyone it seems wants to go, but church giving alone is not sustainable as a model to send everyone. The IMB has been changing it's model to incorporate more local church involvement directly, and that is great. What we want to do is totally different, and equally needed. We train people to start their businesses to support their ministries both here in the US, and in their host community.

So, this is actually my first blog ever. I don't even like the word blog. I don't like the word twitter. But, this is a subject that I think we need to start dealing with as a community. My background is in agricultural development, business development, and education. I own Cup of Hope Coffee, and I am a coffee snob. I REALLY love telling people about Jesus, and these things let me do that. I have started several businesses, most of them still running, and some that have failed. I learn as much from failing as I do success. If you have failed at a venture or an idea, congratulations! You have learned something! You belong here too. Not just perfect people. Are you afraid to start? That is ok! So who is in?

If you know you are called to do missions, then I hope you will become part of the community. Let us know: What is keeping you back right now? Let's look at some solutions.

I am looking forward to this. God bless you!


- Casey